“Ktima Papadopoulou” is a new-built complex containing 4 houses capable to service 2-5 persons. We molded our dream in a extent of 27 acres in the area of "Amygdalies" in Krioneri Village in Kavala region.

Owners, took care for the completion of the complex focusing with great sympathy into Macedonian architecture, a complex that is distinguished for its hospital and aesthetic spaces.

Unique decoration of each house, hand-made built with local stone, chestnut wood Joists, built shower equipments according to modern architecture and the hand-made furnishings are testifying the owner's lust and love for natural material.

Traditional houses but, equipped with all these modern comforts focalising everything is needed for dreaming unforgettable vacations, with patios where the sight travels uninterrupted into the unbounded deep blue of the Greek sky.

“Ktima Papadopoulou” is located in krioneri Village 15,8 km's of Kavala, 28 Kms from Drama and just 165 Km's away from Thessaloniki.

In our Restaurant you can taste our Hand-made Bread comes from a stoned oven, and let yourself to travel in flavours full memorized from east.

You can enjoy our hand-made pastas, fresh salads from our garden but also lam, wild boar with brown, beef in red sauce with pla, cheese pies of Pontos, but also deferent kinds of cheese.

All with the signature of our mama Kalliopi. All meats we use in our cook are from local area.

Contact Details

Kryoneri Kavala Greece P.C. 65500